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Description of Duties for Office of PAST PRESIDENT


As an Officer:


Attains office by completing at least one term as President of Foresters Camera Club; the title continues until the current President leaves office and becomes the Past President.


Attends all scheduled meetings for the general membership and the Executive Board members.  Notifies the President or other responsible officer if unable to attend in order that duties can be delegated during absence.


Serves as a Director on the Executive Board; discusses, selects, and votes on issues pertinent to the club’s welfare.


Acts as a host toward all members, visitors, judges, and potential new members at all functions.


Provides coverage at any function, when asked, for any position left vacant by the temporary absence of another Board member.


As the Past President:


Provides expert advice on subjects under discussion.


May offer assistance to any officer, coordinator, or member with any task required for the welfare of the club.


Clarifies all expenses with the Treasurer or President prior to incurring; submits detailed receipts to the Treasurer for reimbursement or arranges for prepayment.